Generator & Motor Rebuilds
When it comes to rebuilding your generators or traction motors, we’ve got the expertise and the facility to make your equipment as good as new. Just a few tools at our onsite facility includes: varnish dip tank, bake oven, VPI (vacuum-pressure-impregnation), precision undercutter, IRD balancing, and digital surge tester. With these state of the art tools, we can ensure generator and traction motor reliability. We also specialize in reconfiguring generator windings to make generators put out a different voltage. If reconfiguring cannot be done, we are also capable of rewinding your generator for your desired voltage. No matter your generator or traction motor condition, we will have you back up and running.

Generator Unitization and Testing
At Apollo Electric we have skilled mechanics to assemble engines and generators to make reliable power packages. Once we have unitized your generator set, we have the capability to load test up to 3500 Kilowatts to ensure your generator set performs properly in the field. Once your equipment is testing to your exact specifications, we prep and paint the generator set to make it look as good as it performs.